Conquering Technology Barriers

Community Tech House Inc. empowers local communities to access and use digital tools to conquer their technology barriers and advance lives. Our mission is to digitally educate and inspire all people through the power of technology while providing a positive community environment and fostering a lifelong interest in computer knowledge to open doors of opportunity.

Conquering Technology Barriers

Our efforts are primarily directed at those without technology devices at home, with a focus on individuals who are from low-income households in the community. We bring computers, internet, and training sessions to those without experience allowing students to do homework, adults to search for jobs and gather needed information, seniors to connect with loved ones virtually, and all people can continue leading healthy lives.

  • Educating
  • Inspiring

Our Service Areas

Educating and inspire all people through the power of technology

Computer Use

Onsite computer usage to write a letter, apply online for a job, file for unemployment, or research information.

Training Sessions

Online and in person learning sessions on computer literacy, digital devices, and software applications.

Tech Support

Having a problem with our computer, tablet, or other technical devices and need assistance.

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What Our Coummunity Says
Changing lives by helping conquer technology barriers one day at a time

Thank you for sharing your live streaming knowledge to get our church services on FBLive.

Hilda Harrell-Ross

Thank you for helping us navigate through the new virtual classrooms for schooling so we can continue learning.

Breanna – mother of Cameron and Chloe

Thank you for teaching me how to use several software applications and troubleshooting techniques on my computer.

Cynthia Espuet

Thank you for the tremendous help of getting me up and running with my emails, virtual communication and installing my video camera on my computer so I can participate in Zoom sessions.

Anne Killian